Welcome to a Spotlight on Indonesian filmmakers, storytellers and content producers.  This is a place for international producers and filmmakers to share their ideas and experience, to package and partner on projects, and to discover Indonesia.

About Us

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We are Spotlight Indonesia.  We are filmmakers, storytellers and we are passionate about Indonesia.


Spotlight Indonesia is a meeting place for ideas, people and projects.  We hold Spotlight Indonesia Events, in person and virtually.  We showcase projects, we connect people, we shine a Spotlight on Indonesia.


So whether you are a filmmaker looking for a producer, a scriptwriter looking for a storyteller, a buyer looking for projects, or simply seeking inspiration.  Spotlight Indonesia is your home. 


We will showcase films, filmmakers, we will introduce and create connections.  If it is Indonesian people, places, faces or voices and it's a story then we are here for you.


Come share your ideas with Indonesia, with the world, come join the Spotlight Indonesia conversation.